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Christmas Tree

Fake or Fir

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree how lovely are your real, no fake branches -Yes, it’s that time of the year again; the time to go out on a limb and decide what kind of Christmas tree to decorate our living rooms with. Now, some of us may be set in our ways and believe that only a real Christmas tree is the way to go and that fake trees are well really the Christmas tree industry’s version of breast implants. But whether your heart is set on either a fake or fir, both have their pro’s and con’s.

I find it hard not to think about the Christmas break without also remembering the scene from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation where the Griswold family in their wisdom decide to go out and cut down their very own Christmas tree only to get frozen in the process. While getting a tree these days is not as extreme as the Griswold family would have you believe, it is still less convenient than getting the old faithful down from the loft.

When it comes to buying the tree nothing speaks louder than the real thing! Simply put, going to your local Christmas tree farm or the DIY store is far more rewarding than popping to Argos on a Saturday afternoon and picking a really nice plastic one! Real trees look and smell like Christmas, fake trees are well fake. They look fake, they smell fake and they act fake!

The cost of fake trees can also be expensive, especially if you go for the lazy options with pre installed lights and baubles, nice!! Real trees usually offer the cheaper option but the cost over the years can overtake the price of your plastic one!

Anyway who am I kidding, if you have kids I am sure they will make the decision for you! Happy Christmas Tree hunting.

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