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Childhood hols with rose tinted specs

Apparently we are now more influenced by our parents and our idealist childhood memories of good old British holidays than where the latest celebrity has rested their head. And do you know what? I tend to agree with the latest research available.

You see after having my little boy a couple of years ago I have started to do just that – looking back on the places I visited as a child with rose tinted glasses and (as a self confessed perfectionist and idealist) hoping to recreate the perfect family break – even if it’s just for a day. Well, so far it’s not quite gone as I remember it…

For a start I don’t remember queuing in traffic for hours on the A64 waiting to get to my Scarborough Hotel and the rest of the north east coast. Although, if you ask my fiancé he would convince you otherwise as in his mind all West Yorkshire families spend their weekends in Scarborough enjoying fish and chips and the compulsory pot of tea, whatever the weather!

I want to recreate the lovely stroll along a British beach, making sandcastles, having donkey rides, eating ice cream 99’s (with sherbet bits and strawberry syrup) and picnics full of sand. Instead, I seem to have a two year old with tantrums and an obsession with eating pebbles to contend with – so far not so good then!

Feeding the ducks was always a hit with my sister so in an attempt to recreate this poignant moment I headed for a weekend away in Lutterworth to feed the ducks at Coombe Abbey in Coventry. This was more like how I remembered it, wrapped up warm in our winter coats with a loaf big enough for a whole flock in one hand. Although Dylan preferred to eat the bread he soon got the hang of the whole throwing the bread for the ducks ritual and I felt that perfection was not impossible.

I do not think that my views on UK holidays will ever change, I love them and I will continue on my quest to have the perfect family break. I am happy to wear my rose tinted specs and the more I think about it the more I think that when Dylan is older he will wear a pair too!

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