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Are you ready for Christmas?

It’s the question that is on everyone’s lips from about now until the big day. Even strangers at the checkout ask it. Are you ready for Christmas? It’s asked by well meaning folk across the country but generates stress like no other.

The answer is one of two – you are either extremely organised and have it all wrapped up early or it’s a big fat ‘no’. Of course I am in the big fat no category full of Christmas stress. I cannot understand those people who post on Facebook that they have not only done their Christmas shopping in October but wrapped it too. Do they not have anything else going on?

Then there are those who leave it too late and buy anything that resembles a gift in the hope that it will suffice (sorry boys but you are definitely the worst at this!). I used to work in a well know high street clothes store and every year at 3pm on Christmas eve a handful of men would walk into the store with their wife’s Christmas wish list expecting all their sizes and styles to be in stock. I knew from their little puppy dog faces that they were in for a very uncomfortable Christmas morning!

This year I have all the best planned intentions of shopping early to beat the queues, the stress and the ‘out of stock’ dilemmas.  However, with just a few weeks to go until the big day I still have a list as long as my arm and my little boy is the only one with a gift or should I say gifts (I think I have gone overboard and purchased most of the Thomas and Friends range from most toy stores).

Not only do I have a very lovely but very dysfunctional family I have a large one at that – 3 sisters and 2 brothers for starters makes shopping a mammoth task! I blame my parents for giving me so many siblings, and my siblings for finding love for now I have to buy far too many gifts! Bankruptcy here I come.

So the big question is are you ready for Christmas? And, if you are do you fancy giving me a helping hand?

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