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And they are off….to the Best Western Premier Queen Hotel, Chester

When it comes to placing a bet on horse racing, there are different types of personalities.

My granddad, for instance, studies the form, the age, the ‘going’ (your guess is as good as mine as to what that means) and the odds for days if not weeks before a horse race. I’m surprised he doesn’t take into account the Jockey’s mother’s maiden name with the amount of detail he goes into before he parts with his cash.

My grandma however, chooses her bet half an hour before the race by horse name or if the Jockey is wearing her favourite colour (much to my granddad’s annoyance). And, more often than not, Grandma is left raking it in down the bookies whilst poor Granddad tries again next time.

My mum chooses her horse by relevance. So if the name of the horse or Jockey bears any significance to her life, that’s the one she’ll pick. ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’ I love that film I’ll have that one. ‘Soozy’ – well that’s clearly the one for me. To explain the relevance, my mum’s name is Sue.

Then, there’s a friend of ours (of which I’m sure you all know of someone similar), that has a ‘sure winner’ in every race as they got the tip off their brother’s, girlfriend’s, dad’s, uncle’s, wife’s, sister’s long lost cousin who knows the horse trainer.

Moving on to the ‘safe betters’. These types stick to the recognisable, household names in the equestrian world in hope of a winner. Red Rum – I’ve heard of that one, £5 to win. Frankie Dettori – that bloke off ‘A Question of Sport’, I’ll back him.

Lastly, there are those that only have a flutter once and again who tend to overlap with the jammy folk who take a chance on a complete outsider at 500 – 1 and come up trumps.

How do you mark your cards?

Whatever your style, betting or no betting, the Best Western Premier Queen Hotel, Chester are offering a number of hospitality packages to suit all. If you’re there for bets, beer and BBQ or fillies, food and fizz the hotel will tailor a package to meet your individual requirements.

The racecourse is a mere 1.3 miles away from the hotel – that is only 10 furlongs and 87.99 yards away from the reception door!

Girls grab your fascinators and guys get your suits and take a bet on the Best Western Premier Queen Hotel, Chester.

It’s sure to be your favourite!

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