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Red Squirrel

A Right Royal Red Head (and I’m not talking about Harry!)

As a child I remember watching an abundance of little red squirrels running around in the local park in Dewsbury, and to be honest at the time I was more interested in making sure that my little sister did not get the best swing (or slide or anything really!). Little did I know that they would become a rare sight as I unfortunately reach my 30’s!

So, imagine my delight when I received a phone call from the manager at the BEST WESTERN Shap Wells Hotel in Penrith to tell me that they have a whole bunch of these lovely little red heads in their hotel grounds. Well, not only did I start to plan a trip to see them myself I also started to think big – really big! What better way to shout about them to the world than to invite the future King himself, HRH the Prince of Wales, to see the little acorn munchers!

Yes, he too shares my passion for these little mammals as the Patron of the Red Squirrel Survival Trust – so he might just want to pop along and see them, right? Well, I have invited him anyway and I am expecting a response any day.

So, Charles if you are reading this (or any of Charles’ family, friends, staff etc) then I would really like to meet you – and yes this is the best (and only) excuse I have ever had to entice you!  I will be practicing my curtseys in anticipation…

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Mikhaila Shoe fanatic PR Manager, Mikhaila has worked for Best Western for three and a half years yet still can’t choose her favourite place to visit!

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