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A Perfect Time and Place

“It’s too small. Look her toes are squashed!” protested a large woman with a crop of warts on her chin.
“She won’t walk more than two steps before the pain kicks in,” warned a second female, whose angular nose outshone the silver kettle on the stove. “This is not the lady you are looking for.”
But there was no doubt that the shoe fitted Cinderella perfectly, despite the protestations of her stepsisters.
“Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” the valet whispered in Prince Charming’s ear. “She is nothing but a servant girl dressed in rags – hardly a suitable wife for a prince.”
“I am desperate to marry her. But I can’t propose to my future bride in this miserable kitchen with those two witches glowering and poor Cinderella clutching a sweeping brush.”
“Then take her away somewhere – somewhere befitting a future queen.”
“And the press mustn’t get wind of it,” said the prince, as yet another reporter banged on the window and a flashbulb lit up the room.
“What about a weekend away in a romantic hotel, near the sea and offering complete privacy from the paparazzi and unwanted sisters?” the valet asked, surfing the web on his mobile.
“Sounds perfect. Can you arrange a 4-poster bed, red roses, chocolates and champagne to be waiting for us?”
“I’m sure Best Western Premier will provide the last word in luxury and the utmost discretion.”
The valet immediately called the booking line whilst Prince Charming imagined the perfect weekend escape with the woman of his dreams. He knew that Best Western would provide the perfect time and place to go down on one knee and propose to her.

By Sally Jenkins

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