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12 Best Experiences in 2012

Wow! What a year I’ve got planned as competition winner in Best Western GB’s 12 things to do in 2012 competition. I am lucky enough to be treated to 12 experiences  from a wish list I’ve either fancied doing and never got round to or simply wanted to revisit with family and friends.

So, experience number one has just gone with a trip to the London Eye (shame about the rainy weather – perfect for doing the eye, unless you want to take photo’s!). Whatever the weather the London Eye is a must for any London visit, the simply stunning views allow a perfect opportunity to get your bearings, so ideal for any first time visitors. The kids were totally fascinated trying to spot all the landmarks. So big thumbs up for providing the tickets!

Another top tip for any would be visitor with kids, take a bus tour (several operators), we choose the BIG BUS company, but just make sure it’s guided, rather than with headphone’s. We read several negative on-line reviews, but the guides take all the hassle out of kids questions and they are so informative. You can also get a free Thames cruise from Westminster all the way to Greenwich and back if you want – which we did, so another couple of hours sightseeing made easy!

For somewhere to stay, we choose the BEST WESTERN Cumberland hotel in Harrow. It’s possibly not as flashy as the central London hotels, but so easy to find coming from the Midlands(or anywhere North); best of all being only 5 stops from Baker St, you can soon be in the heart of London. Even better still it’s only a couple of stops from Wembley, so pleased to going back for the Cup Final in a months time! To cap it all off, we headed off 20 miles up the road to Lego land Windsor on the way back, just to tire the kids out.

For my next experience I’ve got the thrills of Aintree and the Grand National!

By Gary Palmer – Year of Get Up and Go Competition Winner

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