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The Funny Side of Wedding Venues

These days’ people choose to get married in various places. The days of getting married in your local church or place of worship are long past us and the number of non denominational licensed wedding venues is on the up.

Venues today can include everything from a church to a hotel and a racecourse to a hot air balloon. The weird and wacky seem par of the course. Unique wedding venue trends have caused all sorts of businesses to offer wedding related services.

Getting married on a beach overseas is no longer that unusual, getting married whilst riding an elephant in Bali is slightly more obscure. Or what about the business in Hong Kong who is thriving thanks to the numerous wedding enquiries they have received. Where is this I hear you ask…….

What if I told you they are very well known, cater for large numbers every single day and are symbolised by iconic golden arches? Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s McDonalds. They have decided to cater for weddings of various sizes but have refused to close the doors to the general public. Let’s hope any stray children don’t spill their chocolate milkshake down the brides white gown.

Here in Kent though, we are still quite traditional. With lots of pretty churches, castles, hotels and country houses all offering the ‘day of your dreams’ at very reasonable prices you really won’t be stuck for ideas.

Special offers are flying around with venues trying to go one step better than the next. Here at the Best Western Russell Hotel in Maidstone, winter weddings are the new speciality with exclusive venue use and all the trimmings for 60 guests for just £3,750, and we’ll even throw in some snow for good measure…….

By Emma Ransley, Best Western Russell Hotel

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  1. Thanks for the article and the laugh Emma. Getting McDonalds to cater a wedding just doesn’t seem right to me!

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