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I travel a fair amount and because my life is hotels I am interested in every aspect of the hotel I stay in. I get excited about the little things! For example, in British hotels you always get a good selection of bathroom toiletries. On a recent visit to America I was struck by how little was provided in the selection of mid market hotels I stayed in. Maybe it’s a British thing but soap and hair shampoo in the bathroom is in my view not enough. And I do not like soap – I want bath/shower gel.

As a rule of thumb I think you can tell the quality of a hotel by their choice in toiletries and most British hotels I visit are very generous, giving a good selection of bathroom toiletries. I am sure you would complain if you did not have shower gel! But, you also get lots of other things that you may not use – like shower caps. Now I would like to know how many people use shower caps. I do not but do you?

A great example of giving guests what they want is in Best Western hotels. They have a great range of items in the bathroom. But what makes them special is the fun wording on the packets. They make you smile. Let me try these out on you: Shaving Kit – ‘stubble no trouble’: Vanity Kit – ‘the toolbox to a lovelier you’: Soap – ‘so nice you’ll want to steal two!’: Body Lotion – ‘show them your softer side’ Shower Gel – ‘wash all your cares away’: Shampoo ‘the cure for a bad hair day’: Dental Kit – ‘shiny smiles start here’. My favourites are Conditioner – ‘tame your mane’ and sewing Kit – ‘a stitch in time saves …embarrassment’.

The fact is however, that having lots of toiletries in the bathrooms can cause some waste. Do you use them for the sake of it because they are there or do you leave them for the next person? Of course guests are all different and want different things. So, what do you think to the idea of choosing what you would like to have in your bathroom? To shower cap or not to shower cap – that is the question!


  1. Hello, yes I do use the usually very good selection of toiletries and, being female, sometimes protect my hair from the shower with the shower cap. There was no body lotion recently at The Red Lion in Grasmere recently but shampoo (no conditioner), shower cap, shower gel (I use it), soap (my partner uses that in the shower), shoe shine cloth and there are other bits one could request: sewing kit, shaving kit.

  2. Thanks for that feedback Katherine. David

  3. This is interesting because I think the majority of hotel rooms need only be equipped with the basics (soap, gel, shampoo) but a supply of the other ammenities should be available, for free from the front desk, or housekeeping department. This cuts down on waste, inventory space, gives more space on the housekeeping carts etc. My feeling is that a lot of these amenities are used or taken just because they are in the room not because they are really needed. There will not be an overwhelming amount of requests for these extra items, and if there is a request the front desk staff or housekeeping staff can use the opportunity to make sure everything is going well with the guest’s room and their stay so far. If time permits a staff member can deliver the item to the room with a friendly smile and reassurance that if anything else is required, it is only a phone call away. Ensure that no tip or cost is associated with bringing the item to the guests room.

    Those are just my thoughts.

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