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It’s Christmas!

For our Christmas offer this year we are travelling back in time and offering you discounts from the year 2000 for stays between 16th December and 3rd January.

All this talk of the year 2000 has got us gossiping in the office about what was ‘hot’ and what was ‘not’ back then. Here’s a list of what we found:

  • Bob the Builder’s “Can we fix it?” was the Christmas number 1 single.
  • The Beatles “1” was the Christmas number 1 album.
  • Mission Impossible II was the highest grossing film.
  • Teksta the robotic dog was the bestselling children’s gift.

After researching this I’ve come to the conclusion that I either suffered from amnesia during Christmas 2000 or that as a 17 year old I was much too interested in going out with my friends and making sure I was up to date with the latest fashions (as a Topshop employee this was essential!), which for your information were hipsters and ponchos.

Now that it’s all coming flooding back I seem to recall it was the year that jeans made a big come back and the FCUK t-shirt was a must have accessory for any self respecting sixth former.

What was your biggest memory from Christmas 2000? Add your memories in the comments below if you have a clearer recollection than me!


  1. I don’t really remember Christmas 2000, only New Year – stayed up til about 1am for the first time ever and baked a cake with my nan!

  2. Year 2000 looks like a century ago, so much hype at the time for the turn of the millennium and the millennium bug being the topic of the hour. Looking forward to this year’s discounts and offers.

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