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Every time I go to London hotels I’m adamant I’m going to see someone famous. Last time we went, we stayed in the BEST WESTERN The Boltons Hotel and I kept my eyes peeled the entire time we toured the city.

Looking far and wide, little did I know Lady Gaga was in a West End pub just minutes from where we were having a quiet few drinks the very same night!


Then, just to tease me further, when we were on the train coming home, I could see hoards of people gathering round on the platform at Kings Cross taking photos. I’m talking 50-60 people. I was seriously about to get off the train to see whoever this person was when the train started moving. The closer we got to the crowd, the more excited I got. With my camera poised, I was sure I was about to see a real star….

Disappointment struck.

PLATFORM 9 ¾ ?! Really?? All those people taking a picture of a sign?? I’m not a Harry Potter fan (can you tell?) so this did not satisfy my shameless celebrity mission.

To add insult to injury, a week later my friend casually updated her Facebook status boasting that she’d just happened to see two famous people in the capital. You know, like you do. And it wasn’t like some z list’s cousin’s sister’s father in law and his next door neighbour that she saw. Oh no. Stephen Fry and Frank Skinner! Two pretty impressive spots in my book!

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a few claims to fame of my own. Sort of. I met Ian Smith (aka Harold Bishop from Neighbours) in Marks and Spencer’s once. He was buying milk and smoked bacon. Also, a little less impressive but John McCririck signed my race card at York races. Oh, and Laurence Llewelyn Bowen spoke to me on the phone once. Ok, now I am clutching at straws (sorry Laurence).

Can anyone top these? I’m sure many of you can.

But, maybe I should start looking closer to home as I have discovered that Best Western seem to be the number one stop off for top celebs. Danni Minogue recently stayed at the BEST WESTERN Mytton Fold Hotel.  None other than Take That have stayed at the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Moor Hall Hotel, Jenson Button at the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Yew Lodge Hotel and Keanu Reeves at the BEST WESTERN Invercarse Hotel!

According to the Mail Online, my symptoms could indicate I am a ‘sufferer’ of the newly identified psychological condition: Celebrity Worship Syndrome (CWS). OK, so I’m not that bad. Yet. But if you see me lurking around Best Western properties up and down the country with a copy of Heat magazine under my arm, help me.

So who knows, the next Best Western I check in at could see me eating a fry up with David Beckham.

What?! One can dream.


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