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Free internet could save business hotel guests over £1.4Billion a year

This month we launched a national campaign encouraging all hotels to follow our lead and offer free Internet for all guests, after we discovered it could save British businesses a massive £1.4billion a year in charges.

Our free internet provision alone saves UK businesses more than £28million annually and if other hotel groups did the same, it could really help the British economy, saving businesses an incredible £1,431,000,000 every year.

The astonishing figure is based on research body BDRC Continental’s statistics which show there were 106 million room nights for business travellers in the UK during 2010, with an average hotel Internet charge of £13.50 per visit.

The average frequent business customer stays away at UK hotels 11 times per year. According to the same BDRC statistics, meaning a saving for each business person of up to £197.89 per year.

We have launched an online campaign where they are inviting everyone to sign up in support of free Internet to add further weight to our cause.

Tim Sander, Research Director at BDRC Continental and editing author of the annual British Hotel Guest Survey added; “’The importance of the Internet offering in hotels has surged in recent years. For business travellers it has developed into a hygiene factor, the provision of the Internet is important when choosing a hotel.”

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