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National Sleep in Day – 31st October 2010

Is there ever a good time to press snooze on the alarm? The alarm has been set for a reason. You need to get up. Deal with it. Despite this, I still insist on 5…7…10…before I know it, 20 whole minutes snoozing. I blame whoever invented memory foam. Since we invested in both the pillows and the mattress, getting out of bed is a struggle to say the least. Comfort factor, 10. Assisting punctuality, 0.

31st October is obviously most widely known as Halloween. A typical use of a bed sheet on this day is over the head with two eye holes cut into it. However, when I found out that the 31st October is also a day that legitimises those sacred extra minutes, I put the scissors down and the sheet back on the bed. At 22, I’m not sure this attire would be wholly appropriate anymore anyway.

I had never heard of this national day before. That doesn’t mean I’m about to argue against it though.  Sleep is not merely a pleasure for me. It’s a necessity. You would know about it if I hadn’t had enough kip. And so the chance to relish a little more is just what I (and others around me) like to hear.

It just so happens that I’ll be catching up on a few extra zeds at the BEST WESTERN Honest Lawyer Hotel the morning of the 31st. The handmade cushions and throws on each bed in the hotel along with a cosy duvet mean I’m guaranteed comfort right down to each individual thread. Bliss.

So, with the clocks going back on the 30th and a dedicated ‘national’ day (which practically means it’s the law) you have every excuse for a lie in. Whether its 5 minutes, an hour or the whole morning it doesn’t matter. You’re allowed. ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs at the ready, forget Simon Cowell and the X factor on Saturday night, I’m voting for the Z factor on Sunday morning!

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