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World Toilet Day – 19 November 2010

I judge almost every establishment by its toilets. I don’t know whether this is a female trait or if in fact it’s just me. It’s not necessarily a conscious thing I do. But I do weigh up the pluses and minuses of the facilities. Molton Brown products tend to be the benchmark. If I feel the need to open the door with a paper towel however, the marks plummet.

And as for tracing paper loo roll – don’t even go there.

As a female, the little girls room is a place to chat, re-do your make up, cry (on the odd drunken occasion), gossip and even straighten your hair now. We go in groups and spend an age in there. It’s just what we do.

Despite all this though, toilets just aren’t a conversation starter. There are no two ways about it. It’s not something we tend to/want to/like to discuss. I’m not going to profess that the lav will be the talking point of your Best Western stay but it will be one of them as our hotels like to be quirky right down to the dunny!

In keeping with the regal theme for example, the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Queen Hotel, Chester has taken the idea of the ‘throne’ to new levels in so far as mosaic tiled porcelain loos. Now that’s a royal flush.

It doesn’t stop there though. BEST WESTERN The Croft Hotel, Darlington have come 2nd in the ‘15 most elaborate places to pee’ with their gargoyle urinals.

Surely this photo is screaming out for a caption?! Anyone? Cue (clean) toilet humour. I’ll hand it over to you. All this talk of toilets is driving me round the U-bend. So enough of this unsavoury chatter now. In true Brit fashion I’m feeling uncomfortable. One doesn’t like to be potty mouthed for too long. If at all.


  1. Westlife’s career could only get better from here…..

  2. This post is riddled with puns, I like!

  3. I really want to pee in those urinals

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