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Fa la la la la, la la la la

 ‘Tis now the season to be jolly.

This is great and all – I’m all about the festive spirit and heartfelt Christmas greetings – but who is to say we can’t ‘don our gay apparel’ all year round?

Admittedly, ‘decking the halls’ and ‘singing joyous songs’ every week could wear thin after a while, but surely a cheery attitude has no seasonal constraint?

The BEST WESTERN Willerby Manor Hotel were announced the winners of the East Yorkshire Tourism “Remarkable Welcome” award earlier this year proving joviality can in fact be a year round event.


This award is for the person or team that has offered the most friendly and professional welcome to visitors to the region in the past year, making their experience extra special.

I stayed at the hotel last month – technically ‘out of season’ according to our carol singing friends – but I can confirm that all the staff are indeed worthy winners of the award. When we arrived, our greeting was genuine and warm and wasn’t just a robotic checklist of newspaper, wake up call, car reg, sign here, down the hall to the left.

And, the pleasantries didn’t just end at the front desk either. We stayed in a spacious, executive double room with a large, modern en-suite bathroom. The plated breakfast was delicious and fresh and was served in the most tranquil room overlooking the gardens. The Jacuzzi was so warm and inviting on a cold November morning.

Our experience truly was ‘extra special’.

So, like every festive story, there is a moral to my tale.

When the tree comes down, the decorations are in the loft and Home Alone has been stored away until next year, remember, a smile is for life, not just for Christmas.

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