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East coast is top of the charts

Today we are cracking open the champers (outside of office hours of course) to celebrate a remarkable 20% increase in business for the first half of the year.

Despite hugely difficult trading conditions across the leisure and hotels industry in the last couple of years, we have seen a staggering 20.28% increase in room bookings from January to June, compared to the same period last year.

Top UK Holiday Destinations 2011
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What’s more, it also appears that us Brits are loving the East coast this year with the North and South East of the country bookings up much higher than its western counterpart. Figures show that room sales for the South East of the country are up an impressive 28.6% compared to the same time last year, closely followed by the North East which is up by 20.6%.

The West is not too far behind its counterpart however, with the South West generating an uplift of 20.2% and the North West achieving a 16.6% gain in sales since last year. Scotland saw a smaller, but still healthy, margin with sales up 13.3%.

The biggest surprise, however, came when we noticed the two top destinations British travellers were making a beeline for. Not typically known as tourist hot spots, Bristol and Birmingham saw the highest increases in popularity with a 47.6% and 40.4% growth respectively – impressive hey!

Further popularity came from the usual suspects London, York, Edinburgh and the Lake District, with Bath and Bournemouth also making the shortlist.

The top eight destinations with the highest increase in popularity are;

  1. Bristol – 47.6%
  2. Birmingham – 40.4%
  3. Lake District – 34.4%
  4. Bournemouth – 34.4%
  5. London – 28.9%
  6. Bath – 24.6%
  7. Edinburgh – 15.6%
  8. York – 10%

It appears that it’s not just people holidaying in Great Britain who are plumping up the figures either as our airport hotels also scored highly, with an overall increase of 28.7% in bookings.

So, why do you think these areas are seeing such a surge? Have you been recently? And, of course now they are hot spots will you be trying them out?

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