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Do not forget your toothbrush

Some days I think I have a little OCD especially when I check that I have not left my hair straighteners on, knowing full well that I have already checked that they are off twice already. It comes from once leaving them on and actually setting fire to my bedroom for which I now have my mother’s voice permanently ingrained in my mind every time I use them.

My checking only gets worse when I go away though. Packing up everything and check, check checking everything goes back in the bag is like a military operation. It’s lots of frantic questions – did you check the wardrobe, drawers, cupboards? How about under the bed? Have you checked the bathroom? Yes, all checked, but then I’ll just check again for good measure.

I probably go too far with the old checks, but I cannot believe how many people leave ‘important’ stuff behind in hotels. The majority of things found by housekeeping are the everyday stuff that you can understand such as teddies, books, glasses, earrings etc. And, then there are those that certainly raise an eyebrow or two, such as adult toys, ‘unusual’ clothing items and even Pope Benedict’s Itinerary!

However, what really amazes me is how anyone can leave a body part behind. I mean how can you not know you have left your false teeth? Surely you must miss them at breakfast and at check out you must talk a little differently without them? Well, I am pleased that up until now I have only left a few items of makeup behind. Although I did leave my passport behind and missed a flight, but that’s a whole other story that is best left for another day…

What have you accidentally left behind?

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  1. I left behind my sons football kits all 6 of them totaling upto £240 whoops!!! He was not impressed at all. “Your tap tap daddy”

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