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Charity begins at…hotels

I appear to have reached another milestone in my life as It is now 50 years since I had life saving heart surgery. What better way to celebrate this than by supporting the British heart Foundations (BHF) new venture in Cambridge.

 Here at BEST WESTERN The Gonville Hotel we have been refurbishing ALL our bedrooms with many being converted into modern wet rooms. What to do with the old furniture and fittings? Answer – donate them. The BHF were more than pleased to take what we had to offer, furniture, Mirrors, pictures, Lamps etc as they were opening a new store in a prominent location. I was pleased to see, when I attended the opening, that the quality of goods was of a high standard and they were not underselling the items as is so often the case in these Charity shops. I have also had the satisfaction of being able to contribute to their continuing life saving work.

Where do we go from here, next year I will start on the ground Floor so more furniture will be finding its way to their store. Should any of you be refurbishing can I urge you to look up your local BHF shop and see if they are interested, I am sure they will be and they will certainly collect. I know that they are looking to open a huge number of these stores in the next few years

By Roderick A S Watson, Director BEST WESTERN The Gonville Hotel, Cambridge

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