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Having previously worked for a well known high street retail chain for a number of years during my teenage working life, the thought of a sale fills me with dread. The mad scramble for the best deals and the tidying up of the devastation that was left in the wake of the frantic bargain hunters was not one of my favourite jobs!

This experience has in fact completely put me off trawling through the sale rails and has me heading to the neatly merchandised spanking new (and expensive) area of all shops – I would rather spend my hard earned cash on a shopping spree that is not going to leave me with a pushchair dent in my foot and an elbow to my eye.

Due to my fear of sales, I have recently discovered the wonders of sale shopping online (I know I am a little late to realise this) where there are no queues for the changing rooms or harassed shop assistants wishing you would get out of their shop and leave them to gain control of the carnage.

I am so glad that all sales can be enjoyed in the click of a button. I will most definitely be sitting in front of a Christmas film, mince pie in hand and laptop on knee to browse the reduced price delights that Topshop, Benefit and Schuh have to offer.

I might even have a look at the Best Western winter hotel sale to take a well deserved break – all this internet browsing can be hard work!

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