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Best Western Moore Place Hotel Babies

Baby blue chair brings bouncing baby boys

Staff at the Best Western Moore Place Hotel in Milton Keynes have even more reasons to celebrate mother’s day this year, well seven to be precise.

A chair in reception has been credited with helping seven employees at the hotel becoming pregnant with baby boys in the past year. It is the main seat behind reception and all those who have fallen pregnant either sit there regularly or have sat on it shortly before becoming pregnant.

Front of House & Events Team Assistant Manager, Alyce Grisley is testament to the chair’s powers. Alyce sits in the chair daily and is expecting her first child in May – a boy! Whilst two more staff and fellow chair sitters, Claire Fitchett and Seran Daines, don’t know the sex of their babies, but the team are sure they will be wearing blue booties this May & September!

Elaine Ledster started the baby boy boom with the birth of her son Daniel. She was quickly followed by Kim Gidley, Laura Burchill and Gina Ripley hot on her heels, all giving birth to boys just a few weeks afterwards. All of these ladies have sat on the seemingly normal blue office chair before finding out they were expecting.

It has become so notorious among the staff, it is a good job Victoria Beckham didn’t stay at the hotel when trying to conceive her fourth child!

Giles Shaw, general manager of the hotel said: “We first started joking that if anyone wants a baby boy then they should come and take a seat on our fertility chair, but now it’s just so surreal that its happening every time!  The chair is just a typical office swivel chair, but we now have staff refusing to sit on it.

“Our hotel is well known in the area for its stunning building, friendly staff and stylish rooms, now we will be known as the place to come for a baby boy!”


  1. My husband is now even more convinced we’re having a boy, the power of the “pen”.

  2. wow! its a great news, congratulations to all of you

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