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What do you call a deer with no eyes

This was my favourite joke to tell when I was (a lot) younger and I am also immensely ashamed to admit that, until quite a number of years after this joke was replaced at the top spot, I didn’t actually get the answer – oh the embarrassment!

Well anyway – the reason I am banging on about deer is because I went to stay at one of our Durham hotels, the BEST WESTERN Whitworth Hall Hotel, last weekend, which is set in the middle of a humongous deer park. The deer are very cute (although I didn’t want to get too close to the stags with their massive antlers!) and the hotel was very grand.

After a delicious meal the night before where my boyfriend ordered Bambi without even batting an eyelid for the poor deer frolicking outside, we headed into Durham for the day to see if it really is like our hometown of York.

So we hopped on the park and ride to set out on our comparison mission and the verdict is – yes! Durham and York are quite similar in their quaintness and historic splendour, but I do feel that in summer Durham would have many more options for al fresco dining overlooking the river – in York there just aren’t enough places and they are always jam packed! We also found the most amazing bread shop where we bought a huge chunk of feta and mint bread – delicious!

Unfortunately the outing came to an abrupt end about an hour and a half into the mission when I experienced mild frostbite in my feet from wearing pumps with no socks – it really is colder this far up North!

Apart from the frostbite, we had a fantastic time at the hotel with some yummy meals, a drop of wine and some deer encounters.

I am using up my holiday towards the end of the month so would love some suggestions for hotels to visit while I am off. Which Best Western hotels would you recommend and what is there to do while you are there?

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  1. I agree with all you say. We went to the Castle round the corner on the way to York it was having a Craft Fair and was stupendous. Now try the Red Lion, Grassmere in the Lake District.. You won’t be dissapointed.

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