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Ummm Chocolate

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but chocolate must come a very close second! With national chocolate week making it compulsory (well in my mind anyway) to munch your way through as much chocolate as possible without the guilt, this surely is the greatest week of the year.

Whether you adore milk, dark, white or even something a little more creative our hotels can do some truly marvellous things with these chunks of loveliness. The BEST WESTERN PREMIER Queen Hotel in Chester have their very own seduction package (ooh saucy) which includes (amongst other naughty things) a feast of handmade treats and even a Belgium chocolate pencil for the more artistic lovers!

If the thought of sharing your chocolate makes you break out in a sweat then the BEST WESTERN Park Hall Hotel near Preston is right up your street. Not only is the hotel a short gallop away from the Magical Kingdom that is Camelot Theme Park they also have not one but two Cadbury themed bedrooms. Each room is decorated in signature purple with the furniture made to look like the luscious velvety choc. To stop you from getting carried away and nibbling the furniture, bars and bars of Cadbury chocolate are hidden around the room for you to chomp your way through – my advice would be to kindly offer to take the bags to the room so that you can get a good head start before everyone else arrives!

If all this talk of chocolate hasn’t already got you drooling in a chocolate induced stupor then make sure that at some point this week you take advantage of this excellent excuse and get through at least one bar (I can’t promise I will be that restrained!).

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