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Dinner Party

Tonight I will be cooking…

Having recently moved house, resulting in me acquiring a large enough dining room to accommodate more than 4 people, I have been thinking about doing the grown up thing of using the room for its intended purpose and hosting some sort of dinner party.

The hosting part of the dinner party should be easy, just ply guests with copious amounts of wine and everyone will be happy! What does bring on a sudden panic attack is making sure that all of the food is cooked on time, so what I will be doing to ensure that the food (along with the wine) is served on time is following these step by step recipes devised by our hotels to avert disaster.

Try the following:

Loin of Yorkshire lamb with English peas and carrots, puree of beetroot, mint and Yorkshire feta dressing

Fillet of Cumbrian beef with mashed potato, roasted garlic, shallots and spring greens

Cinder toffee and ginger cheesecake with cracked black pepper ice cream

Let’s hope all my guests like fillet of Cumbrian beef and cinder toffee and ginger teacake – if not at least the phone line is all set up to call in a takeaway!

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