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To flip or not To flip, that is the question

You don’t really know someone until you know their Pancake Day preferences. Everyone has a favourite topping, a preferred thickness and a mastered technique when it comes to the dreaded flipping stages of proceedings.

However, it is once it’s on the plate, fresh from the pan, where the pancake debate begins and joins the realms of other, serious food related discussion topics such as mash or roasties? Fried or scrambled? Rare, medium or well done?

So, to a question which I’m sure divides the nation on Pancake Day – sweet or savoury?

To me, a savoury pancake is a crime against pancakes. It goes against all Pancake Day rules. Cheese in a pancake?! Pass me the golden syrup will you and stop talking such nonsense!

It is with regret that my fiancé is on the dark side. We have already had to stock up on cheese for the big day next week. I just don’t get it. Why choose cheese over chocolate? Over syrup? Can anyone offer me a savoury option that will prise my sticky fingers off the sugar bowl?

Until someone can, I’m well and truly on the sweet side.  In fact, I’m my dentist’s worst nightmare on Pancake Day. But, at the same time, with every spread of chocolate sauce and sprinkle of sugar, I’m upgrading his ticket from standard to first class for his trip to Barbados so he can’t complain too much. In fact, the way my sweet tooth takes over, he probably invented Pancake Day to keep himself afloat for the rest of the year.

Even our hotels are getting involved. The BEST WESTERN Parkway Hotel, Newport for example, are serving a selection of homemade pancakes to satisfy all tastes cooked by their head chef in the Coffee Shop, The Colonial Club Café Bar and Ravello’s restaurant. Varieties will include apple pie, raspberry liqueur, banana and toffee, triple chocolate and strawberries and cream. A chef after my own heart it would seem!

So what will it be?

Whatever your choice is, enjoy this marvellous day. After all, a tradition almost 1000 years old is well worth celebrating!

Flipping eggs-ellent!


  1. I think you are missing a trick.
    I get to have 2-3 savoury pancakes, with melted cheese and ham, followed by a couple of sweet pancakes as a pudding.

    Therefore I get to have loads of pancakes and I can disguise it as a 2 course meal!

    So I win. Again.

  2. Kirsty, you have made a valid, and justifiable argument for the ‘Sweetside’ The right side ! I am a chocolate spread, chocolate sprinklings, and whipped double cream lady through and through.

    Savoury (or as I prefer ‘unsavoury’) characters, should make their pancake mix into yorkshire puddings, and serve them with a nice sunday lunch, where it belongs.

    Long live syrupy pancakes.

    Elle x

  3. There is nothing wrong with having the best of both!

  4. This is AMAZING!! It will make my husband’s day!
    I’ll have to see about getting the “proper equipment” to start making pancakes
    I’m sue they’ll be in high demand around here

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