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Get me out of bed and in the mood

I am one of those people who really struggles to get out of bed on a morning (ask anyone I work with I am always the last to arrive!) and as Autumn really sets in I reckon it’s only going to get worse! Generally the only things that will get me out of bed is either the sound of a screaming child (by the way, I’m not one of those crazy folk who hear voices I really do have a child) or the thought of a lovely breakfast waiting for me downstairs. I prefer to be woken up by the latter!

However, it appears that some of you do not share my enthusiasm for a good breakfast as, according to the British Breakfast research by Best Western, one in four people do not have breakfast at all, shame on you. And, what’s worse is that almost half of those who do, eat it at their desk. (By the way did you know there are more germs on a keyboard then a toilet seat – enough said!)

All hail Dora Walsh, nutritional expert, who has come to the rescue and devised a breakfast menu to get everyone raring to go on a morning with the launch of a Mood Menu. Yes, whatever mood you are in there is a breakfast for it from kippers for creativity to eggs for energy. Plus, please excuse the obvious plug; it’s available at selected Best Western hotels.

I for one am rather pleased that there is someone who can help me achieve a more productive day than the one that my cereal can provide. Although, I doubt I will be able to drag myself out of bed early enough to prepare such a feast.

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  1. What I’d give for a breakfast that isn’t rice or noddle based at the moment!

    Are you suggesting it’s now healthier for us to eat breakfast sat on the toilet then at our desks?

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