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Haggis, neeps and tatties

Feeling sheepish

Considering I have a few bizarre food ‘issues’, such as not liking the texture of beans and freaking out if peas touch anything else on my plate, I was really surprised to find out that I absolutely love haggis.

I have even been known to purposefully book into hotels just because they serve haggis along with the usual eggs and bacon for breakfast (I am aware that this is maybe going a little too far!).

So, with Burns Night now upon us I am trying my hardest to concentrate on my work rather than the haggis neeps and tatties that await when 5.30 eventually creeps by. I would also like to add that I may be pretty disappointed as I am attempting to create this extravaganza myself, but minus the bagpipes.

Should my feast fail miserably and to avoid another haggis related disaster, next year I have a backup plan.  Yes, to ensure that my haggis is cooked to perfection in 2012 I am definitely planning to head up to the BEST WESTERN Selkirk Arms Hotel in Kirkcudbright to sample the best of Scottish haggis courtesy of their head chef who makes the most perfect haggis and tattie scone tower. It is also where Robert Burns actually wrote ‘The Selkirk Grace’ too!

The hotel even has a dinner ticket from when he ate in the restaurant – I wonder if he ordered haggis, yum!

I am sure haggis has a bit of the marmite effect – do you love it or hate it? Or do you just have more unusual food ‘issues’ than I do to make me feel better? Either way I want to know your thoughts.


  1. Love haggis! My favourite recipe is I think called Jacobean Chicken. Chicken breasts stuffed with haggis which has been mixed with onion and whisky. Wrapped in streaky bacon, seared then cooked in oven for about 25 minutes.

  2. Thanks for the recipe – it sounds delicious!
    I think I will have to try it a lot sooner than next Burns night.

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