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Best Western Ryokan Hotel, Newcastle

A Stop By and a Wey Aye at the BEST WESTERN Ryokan Hotel

My Geordie fiancé needs no excuse to get back to his homeland so when the Ryokan Hotel in Newcastle became a Best Western earlier this year, he had my bags packed quicker than I could say ‘Fog on the Tyne’. And, sitting in view of St James’ Park, well, need I say more? This was his heaven.  

We took a trip in August to visit family and stayed the night in this brand spanking new Best Western. The anticipated warmth of the North-East welcome met us right from the off, quite literally, as a member of staff held open the door to reception. We went up to our room, Johnny’s accent getting thicker and thicker every step he climbs, and did the obligatory check on the biscuits. Bourbons. We’re on to a winner here. Our room was bright, modern and had a queen sized bed fit for the lady herself. But we were starving, so as tempting as the bed looked, we headed back out and decided to walk into Newcastle in search of some scran. Well, why not? It only took about 10 minutes to reach china town which seemed the perfect excuse to us!

We returned home the following day with a suitcase full of stottie bread and pasties (my clothes smelt of cheese and onion for weeks) because the pastry in York ‘just isn’t the same’ as that in the toon. But really, there was no need to stock up, as I’m sure we’ll be making a return visit to the BEST WESTERN Ryokan Hotel soon!

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