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Whatever Happened to our Stiff Upper Lip?

Across the planet Britain is still known by many as a country of fair play, exceedingly good manners and, of course, most famously perhaps, ‘the stiff upper lip.’ But is this still true?

Over just a few generations, we’ve become so used to our warm, comfortable lifestyles with our flat-screens and La-Z Boys, do we still have this true British grit?

Nowadays, the ability to show fortitude and restraint in the face of adversity and discomfort is never tested more than on holiday, away from home and outside your comfort zone. This is where we’ve decided to step in.

Best Western commissioned a poll (March 2013), asking the parents and kids of Britain a series of questions designed to finally answer the question:

‘Do we still have a stiff upper lip?’ Let us know what you think.


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<p>Whatever Happened To Our Stiff Upper Lip? – An infographic by Best Western Hotels<a href=””>Best Western Hotels – Whatever Happened To Our Stiff Upper Lip? – Infographic</a></p>

<h2>Whatever Happened To Our Stiff Upper Lip?</h2>

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