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The Archetypal Fathers of Modern Britain

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, we decided to celebrate some of this country’s quintessential father-types.

Looking back on our early years, everyone can surely remember trying to avoid ‘the scary father‘ of their friend or groaning as ‘the over-enthusiastic dad’ insisted upon dragging you away from the TV and out and about on a range of boring jaunts.

This cheeky infographic is a celebration of Britain’s dads, as well as a guide to the always-tricky buying of gifts.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and, of course, have a great Father’s Day!!!

Father's Day

The Archetypal British Dads


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About the author

Alex Willmott Alex Willmott is the Social Media Manager for Best Western Great Britain. Former journalist, local football manager and passionate Welshman. He loves banter, hates wasps and is partial to a pint of real ale.


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