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Fascinatingly Fantastic Sweet Trivia

In celebration of ‘A different story everyday’, we wanted to kick-off this summer with a sweet filled trivia round up of amazing trivia and facts. Please enjoy them below:


  1. Candy Floss; this sugar heavy food that has plagued teeth since 1897 was actually invented by a dentist of all people! Named William Morrison; it was first called “Fairy Floss”.
  2. Originally named “Unclaimed Babies” in 1864, Bassett’s produced jelly babies in 1918 and changed the name to “Peace Babies” in celebration of the end of WW1.
  3. M&M rejected the opportunity to be featured in the 1982 blockbuster E.T., with Reese’s Pieces taking the position as the product placement in the film. A decision M&M would have regretted as Reece’s Pieces sales went through the roof! With an estimated 65% to 85% increase in sales.
  4. One of the first chocolate bars produced was Cadbury’s Fry’s Chocolate Cream; like many early chocolate bars they were dairy-free and vegan.
  5. 95% of the set on ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ was real chocolate and sweets. With the cast not seeing the the set, until filming the memorable scene of Mr. Wonka opening the doors to sweet heaven.
  6. The first successful bubble gum was pink, as this was the only colour the inventor had left. The colour stuck and today bubble gum is mostly associated with the colour pink.

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And that’s a wrap, terrible puns aside, these are our delicious trivia facts on all things sweet. But we have only lightly mined at the myriad of potential sweet based trivia!

Check back every day to see a new #ExpeditionGB this month.


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