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Developing a taste for wine

There is nothing better than a cool crisp glass of white wine on a summer’s day. Relaxing at home, in a beer garden,  at the races, watching the world go by, catching up with the girls or hanging out with the family – I’m not fussy. A glass of wine goes down a treat for celebrations, a night in or even after a hectic week at work, but I didn’t always have the taste buds for it.


Back in the day when I hit University only an alcopop, Malibu and coke or Archers and lemonade would do. Wine just tasted wrong, even the sweetest wine had an acidic after taste that I just couldn’t stomach. People would tell me that I would grow up to enjoy a civilised glass of wine (or two, or three), but I dismissed them, until one day I left university and had to get a proper job in the big wide world aged 25.

Bam! From that moment on everything changed, a crisp white wine no longer made me pull the sucking on a lemon face. My taste buds had matured and I soon discovered the wide array of white wines on offer – from a sweet grassy Sauvignon Blanc to a crisp, dry Pinot Grigio I was hooked.


To my delight: after having worked for Best Western for a few years I visited the hotel of all hotels for wine lovers. The
BEST WESTERN Leigh Park Country House Hotel is not only a charming Grade II listed Georgian building; it also has its own vineyard (heaven!). Not only did we get a tour of the vineyard, but we were also given a personalised bottle of their very own wine – delicious!

If you are a wine lover like me, it is well worth a trip. Oh, and they also sell red wine too, but they don’t produce it themselves. Unfortunately I haven’t grown my red wine taste buds just yet, but after recently hitting 30 I don’t think this will be long and I am looking forward to widening my wine horizon even further.


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