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The competition to decide which 1980s pop stars most resemble alpacas is hotting up. Early bids from Kajagoogoo’s Limahl (‘too many straggly bits’) and keyboard wizard Howard Jones (‘too spiky’) have fallen by the wayside. The smart money is on two trios which enjoyed chart success in the early part of the decade: The Fun Boy Three and the Thompson Twins. Expert judge Carl Harrison said: ‘It’s vital the subject looks as if a clump of bright wool has landed randomly on the top of the head, ideally obscuring the eyes.’

Besides 80s pop stars other celebrity/alpaca lookalike suggestions pouring in to the alpaca desk at DND include England goalkeeper Jo Hart; Sex Pistol singer John Lyndon and The Onedin Line actor Peter Gilmore.

Any candidates we’ve missed? Let us know if the comments box below.

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