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The Woooo Factor, Halloween edition: which are Best Western’s most haunting ghosts? (Part two)

Last week we reviewed the talents of three of some of Best Western’s most dedicated resident spirits. In the second part of the ‘Woooo Factor’, we ask three more of the most talented ghosts to perform for our judges – Phil Whyman, director of Dead Haunted, Jane Dunford of Do Not Disturb magazine, and Tim Wade from Best Western. Who will impress the panel? And do you agree?…

No. 4: Tax Inspector

Onto the stage now we have the Tax Inspector, all the way from BEST WESTERN The Vine Hotel in Skegness. The oldest building in town, the hotel has a fascinating history and was once used by smugglers attempting to keep their bounty hidden. When work was done to the hotel, a skeleton was found bricked up in one of the walls, with rings and buttons identifying him as a Customers and Excise officer, who possibly came a cropper at the hands of a smuggling gang. There are often ghostly goings on – particularly in rooms 23 and 8, with things moved around and the radio coming on when nobody’s there. One woman felt as if someone was trying to take her rings off in the night, and there have been photos of smoke-like wisps and strange lights that seem to suggest some spirit action.

He says: ‘Evening judges. Vote for me – I’m a decent ghost with a lot of talent. I’m not a bad guy, I was just doing my job!’

Our judges say:

Phil Whyman: I thought your routine fizzled out towards the end and I lost interest by the time you finished. It’s a NO, I’m afraid.

Jane Dunford: I’m sorry, but I’m not sure your efforts are enough to get you through. You may be a decent ghost, but it’s a NO from me.

Tim Wade: Nobody likes the spectre of a tax inspector, but there is something I like about you. So I’ll go radio gag a and say YES

No. 5: Lovelorn Teenager

Atmospheric BEST WESTERN Walworth Castle Hotel near Darlington is the perfect place for a ghost and it’s here that the lovelorn teenager resides. The tragic story goes that the daughter of the lord of the castle fell in love with the stable boy. Forbidden to see each other, they tried to keep the romance hidden, but were discovered and punished… In the southwest tower, which dates from Norman times, there’s said to be a spiral staircase within the thick walls where the lovesick girl lives. She appears on the hotel’s first floor, walking along what was once the corridor into the honeymoon suite, and has been spotted sitting in an armchair. Guests have woken to teacups rattling, some have felt a weight on the bed and chambermaids have had their hair pulled. 

She says: ‘It means a lot to me to be here and share my tale, it’s not been easy for me. I’m a teenager with a lot of talent, please give me a chance’

Our judges say:

Phil Whyman: Another act looking for the sympathy vote! It was doomed from the beginning, you’ve no real substance. It’s a NO from me, and stop crying!

Jane Dunford: You’ve brought a tear to my eye with your sad story. I like your determination, I think you’ll go far – it’s a definite YES from me.

Tim Wade: I liked it! Pulling hair is a nice touch. The next life is waiting! It’s ghosts like you that make this talent show the biggest in the after life. YES 

No. 6: Wayward Bride

Next up we have a blushing bride, sometimes spied floating around BEST WESTERN The Rose and Crown in Colchester. First seen in the 1950s by a night porter going up the stairs in reception, she wears a white lace wedding dress, with a red flower on one side, and a gleaming white pearl necklace and earrings. The four-poster honeymoon suite (room 204) has been bolted from inside when no one’s there and guests occasionally sense a presence. Her identity is unknown, but it’s rumoured she was the unfaithful bride of a local farmer.

She says: ‘I may not be seen that often, but I’m a dramatic character, a natural performer – I want to win!’

Our judges say:

Phil Whyman: I was wondering when we would see some talent… and still am! Quite frankly, your shyness has lost you my backing. It’s a NO.

Jane Dunford: I’m not sure that beyond the dress you’ve got a lot to offer – you look good but don’t have that star quality. Sorry, but it’s going to be a NO.

Tim Wade: Oh dear, white gown and red flowers, it’s been done to death! Is this the best you can do to make it through to the other side. Definitely NO from me.

Who do you think should win the Woooo Factor? Let us know in the comments box below.


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