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The Woooo Factor, Halloween edition: which are Best Western’s most haunting ghosts? (Part one)

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there’ve been some ghoulish goings on in some Best Western hotels. In the first ever ‘Woooo Factor’, we ask the most talented ghosts to perform for our judges – Phil Whyman, director of Dead Haunted, Jane Dunford of Do Not Disturb magazine, and Tim Wade from Best Western. Who will impress the panel? And do you agree?…

No. 1: Mad Maid

First up we have the Mad Maid from Victorian times, a regular at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Dean Court Hotel in York. Not a bad place for a ghost – the city’s said to be one of the most haunted in the world. Mediums who visited the hotel came across her in the basement kitchen and she told them she worked as a cleaner. There have been a few ghostly goings on (room 36 on the third floor sees most activity). Doors sometimes slam, things move around, some guests have reported feeling pressure pushing down on their beds at night and cold spots in rooms, even in the summer. 

She says: ‘I’m so excited to be on the Woooo Factor, I can’t quite believe I’m here. I’m a pretty good ghost all in all, I’d say, active but friendly, I wish no one any harm – it would change my life if I won!’

Our judges say:

Phil Whyman: Great potential, but your act is a tad dated. Change your routine, visit more rooms, and you might just win! It’s a YES… JUST!

Jane Dunford: Hello there. I’m sure you work very hard but I’m just not feeling it, to be honest. Sorry but don’t give up your day job – it’s a NO from me.

Tim Wade: Slamming doors is just not relevant any more, you need to be more original and you need to make it your own! It’s a NO from me.

No. 2: The Giggling Girl

At the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Queen Hotel in Chester you may come across this pesky little miss. On the second floor – thought to once have been a nursery – she’ll sometimes sneak up on women as they fill up the bathtub, pull their hair playfully, then pedal off on her tricycle, giggling all the way. The first grand railway hotel to be built in the UK, opened in 1860, it’s said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country. She’s our youngest contestant – does she have what it takes? 

She says: ‘I feel a bit shy up here [giggling], but I’m great at what I do. I’m only young and just want to have fun – vote me in.’

Our judges say:

Phil Whyman: You, young lady, have what it takes! You’ll draw in the crowds. The bike and cheeky giggle are a nice touch too! It’s a YES from me.

Jane Dunford: Don’t be shy, I love you! 110 per cent! Like the cheekiness and the giggling, you’ve a lot of potential… you’re so through. YES!

Tim Wade: The tricycle adds to the woooo, I’m just worried about your age and your versatility. Can you really break on through to the other side? I think not. 

No. 3: Grumpy Serving Girl

At the BEST WESTERN Lion Hotel in Worksop you might come across Alice, a 20-year-old serving girl, wearing a cloak, who lived around 1800. Alice is a bit of a grumpy ghost – she doesn’t like change. She was first spotted by builders working on the hotel (which dates back from before 1600) and stays in the old part of the building, appearing mainly to female staff and guests. She can be heard walking the floorboards (room 201 is her favourite haunt). She’s been known to knock things off the bedside cabinet and one male guest said she’d folded his clothes! She moves things around in the kitchen, too. The manager, Tina, couldn’t lock her sliding office door until someone told her she should ask Alice’s permission – she did and it locked… 

She says: ‘Good evening judges. Choose me, I’m a great authentic ghost, a bit bolshie perhaps, but harmless enough with a good sense of humour – I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment, I deserve to be a star!’

Our judges say:

Phil Whyman: I like you, you’re quirky. I like the twist you put into your act of being a grumpy soul, it’s not easy to pull off. You’ve got my vote, well done.

Jane Dunford: Alice, I like your act, being grumpy’s no bad thing, it works well for you – I’m with you all the way… It’s a big YES from me!

Tim Wade: The cloak is a bit old hat but you’ve definitely got your own style and I like that. You can fold my clothes any time! YES, YES, YES.

To be continued, look out for part twooooo….. (and in the meantime you can cast your votes for the first three in the comments box below). 




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  3. Thanks you for the professional service that you provided for our wedding reception on the 2/11/12 many thanks for the high standard of service .Mr & Mrs Nabil

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