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The most bizarre items stolen from a Best Western hotel

For some, a night in a luxury hotel room isn’t enough: they enjoy it so much, they want to re-create it at home.

That was apparently the case with the Best Western guest who smuggled out the entire contents, including curtains, bedspread and plasma television.

We’ve all half-inched a shampoo bottle or two, but some people are more ambitious. Among the more bizarre items lifted are a 12ft model of Concorde, a cigarette machine and – perhaps cheekiest of all – a suit of armour. Plants disappear, and, come Christmas, no bauble is safe.

‘The more unusual the items, the more they appeal,’ says Best Western Director of Marketing and Ecommerce Tim Wade. ‘Goodness knows how guests managed to conceal a suit of armour or a sofa!

‘Clearly, we don’t mind when soaps go walkabout – we even have “so good you’ll want to steal two” on them. I guess it shows the high quality of the products we supply.’

So, it’s open season on toilet rolls and bathrobes, but one has to wonder how someone managed to walk off with that leather two-piece suite…

Come on ‘fess up… Have you ever snaffled anything from a hotel?



  1. Dreadful the way people just steal things!!

  2. Very easy to blame ‘guests’ when things go missing!! Another also tongue in cheek way of looking at this is ‘have you ever taken anything from the hotel you work in’?? Bet you would be surprised when someone says a 12ft concord!!!

  3. It was me that stole the suit of armour, sorry. But I’ll tell you how I did it if you’re really curious. Getting away with theft is often a matter of brash confidence. If you are brazen enough, no-one will believe your cheek. I just dressed up in the suit and walked out through reception, claiming that I was on my way to a historical re-enactment.

  4. For many years that little pot of jam or the bottles of shampo, the coffee, for years the kids looked for it when you got home, they knew you had been to that nice BW hotel for a couple of days.
    Even now my Father in law in his 80’s look’s forward to that bag of goodies from my BW hotel visits and the packet of chocolate & bisuits “well” thats him happy for a few months.

  5. Having the soaps and shampoos etc is what sets Best Western apart from the likes of Travelodge. I rely on the hotel shampoo etc particularly when I am travelling abroad because the weight restrictions by airlines. I don’t want to spend time shopping for shampoo etc, especially as that might lead to weight issues when I fly home.

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