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The Bald Hiker – Sunrises and Sunsets

Britain – A Land of Sunrises and Sunsets At All Levels

Britain is a beautiful island in all weathers whether North, South, East or West. With about 12,000 miles of coastline and mountain/hill ranges galore the abundance of views can make for a wonderful refreshing day out in any direction and in any weather.  The coast of Britain is no more than 70 miles from any one point so heading East or West for super sea views  is never a huge chore and  to catch a magnificent sunrise or sunset can make the day wholly complete. Creating memories in your mind forever.

Pic 2

Sunrise Guernsey.

Pic 3

Sunset Morecambe Bay.

The North West of England is full of sandy bays with views out directly West for mile upon mile. It is never hard to find a spot completely remote from the hustle of life to watch the sun come down the watery horizon.
Pic 4

Sunset Arnside

Of course, you never have to travel far from where you are staying to catch your own sunny magic. The National Parks of Britain are large enough to always find an elevated spot to yourself. Be it a mountain or a small hill. Nothing sets a great calming mood like an evening or early wander to a spot looking over the land, in the direction of the sun either saying goodbye for the day or hello to a new dawn.
Pic 5

A sunset from England looking into Scotland

Pic 6

Dawn from atop Helvellyn in the Lake District

Pic 7

End of a winter day looking West from the Pennines

No matter where you are, however far from the sea and mountains, take the time to enjoy a beautiful British sunrise or sunset. Never a need to travel thousands of miles when there is beauty on the doorstep.

Pic 8

Mountain snowman Watching the sunset
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