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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Did you know that it’s not just our palms that give you away? The lesser-known art of foot reading can reveal a lot about a person too. Do Not Disturb spoke to foot reader Jane Sheehan and discovers that your soles have secrets to share too.

So what’s foot reading all about? I analyse the structure, texture and blemishes on feet to understand my reflexology clients’ emotions and personality.

How did you get into it? I had reflexology and was amazed at my emotional reactions. I studied it, memorised the ‘toe alphabet’ and started using it on friends and anyone who’d let me. I’d go to a party and get a foot thrust at me before a glass!

Any unusual jobs? I once gave a talk to a Jewish dating agency in Australia…

How much can you really tell from feet? Emotions and personality, but it’s not spooky psychic stuff. Our emotions have an impact on the way we walk. If people get embarrassed you can see a blushing in the appropriate toe!

Can you do it from photographs? Yes. I read Reece Witherspoon’s feet from a photo when she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Her second toe was tilted towards the big toe – meaning she’d be comparing the past to the present. When she won for Walk the Line, she said: ‘Imagine, little ol’ me from Mississippi!’

Seen any funny feet? Alan Carr’s! I was on This Morning and Alan had his nails painted orange. It said: ‘I want fun, I want to be the life and soul of the party.’

Do you make people wash their feet? No. I look rather than touch and if I washed their feet it would change them – the colour would change due to the heat of the water. I have a rather poor sense of smell – a boon!

Are people surprised by what you can tell from their feet? Yes. I can tell complete strangers all about themselves even if they show me only their feet.

Do you do readings for family? I practised on family but they’d say: ‘You know that already.’ Working on strangers is rewarding.

What’s the Best Western connection?

I hired a meeting room at BEST WESTERN Edinburgh Capital Hotel. I was treated with such hospitality and my workshop went so well that I’ve gone there every year since.


Jane Sheehan runs workshops at Best Western hotels, visit for more details.



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