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Ross Noble

My Big Ride

By Ross Noble, Comedian and Biker

DND:  So what’s all this about then?

ROSS:  Well, to celebrate the
20th anniversary of the relaunch of motorbike manufacturer Triumph, I rode the 500,000th bike around Britain, staying in Best Western hotels – oh, and guided only by Twitter.

DND:  So you’re a big biker?

ROSS:  I’ve a passion for motorbikes that started as a teenager, when I moved to London and bought a 50cc pizza delivery bike. Ordinary trips were transformed from dull traffic-jammed routes to mini-adventures.

DND:  So where did you go?

ROSS:  I began in Hinckley, Leicestershire, with a vague plan to travel clockwise around Britain, ending up back there a week later.

DND:  How were the tweets?

ROSS:  They flew in! Most of Britain wanted me to call in for a cup of tea or finish some DIY while they were away!

DND:  Highlight of the trip?

ROSS: A candle shop in Chester… run by Bob Carolgees of ‘Spit the Dog’ fame. For some, travel is about museums, amazing views or ruins. For me it doesn’t get better than standing about in a candle shop chatting to Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog.

Ross’s bike was auctioned after the trip, raising funds for Riders for Health in Africa;

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