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Knits in the city

People across the country are being urged to look out for a group of  ‘guerilla knitters’, who are on a campaign to brighten up the mundane and humdrum with handmade fabric graffiti.

A crack team of four nutty knitters is believed to be behind a series of ‘happenings’ in London, which has seen telephone boxes covered in colourful tea-cosy like creations and a giant 8-metre knitted squid cuddling a statue of Charles Darwin.

While most of the activity has been in the capital, Derby and Inverness have been targeted too – and nowhere is considered out of bounds.

In an undercover interview, group member Deadly Knitshade told DND of how the guerilla knitter movement started four years ago.

‘We were crossing London Bridge and a giant yarnmonster – made of wasted scraps of wool – rose up out of the Thames and urged us to join forces. We’ve been knitting for the cause ever since, encouraging people to put their own mark on the city.’

The most risky mission undertaken so far by the sneaky stitchers was covering the phone box at Parliament Square. ‘There are more CCTV cameras than probably anywhere in the world, but we weren’t deterred,’ said Deadly Knitshade.

With a growing interest in knitting reported across the UK, it’s believed that the number of rookie guerilla knitters could be on the rise.

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Knit the City, a book charting the movement, is out now!

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