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It’s a Bonkers World out there (And how to keep children entertained with the best Kids’ Kendal Mint Cake recipe ever!)

Oh it’s cold. Christmas is over and winter just goes on and on and on… I don’t want to wish our lives away, but hurry up spring! In the meantime, what shall we do with the kids? Everyone knows they need Fresh Air! Country Walks! Exercise! But actually doing it with them in the icy drizzle and sleeting wind is another matter. Luckily I’ve discovered that Best Western has come up with something else to keep them occupied.

It might not involve actually taking them outside, but it will certainly keep their brain exercised over the winter months. It’s the latest edition of their brilliant new kids’ magazine – Bonkers World. (Brilliant? Am I sure? Yup. I wrote and edited it so I know it’s definitely brilliant.).

In it brother and sister Bert and Winnie have awesome adventures in the wintry British countryside. They discover that deer go bald in the winter, that a septillion (a trillion trillions, that’s 24 0s!) snowflakes fall a year, and that badgers don’t open their eyes until they are five weeks old. There are also puzzles, competitions, quizzes, and a Nintendo 3DS to be won.

And if they get through all of that, there’s always The Recipe. Every February half-term provides parents with the, ahem, challenge, of figuring out how to entertain their children through the rain-soaked late winter (what? You haven’t booked a week in the Caribbean?). That’s when The Recipe comes in. Usually full of sugar, it’s something easy that kids can make without too much adult intervention. If it’s got sprinkles on it, all the better. So, please meet:

The best Kids’ Kendal Mint Cake recipe ever!

1 large egg
220g icing sugar
1 tsp peppermint essence
A few drops of green food colouring
Mini-cupcake cases

1. Separate the egg white from the yolk.

2. Put the egg white in a bowl and give it a little whisk with a fork.

3. Put half the icing sugar in to the bowl with the egg white and stir until mixed.

4. Add the peppermint extract, stir well and add the rest of the icing sugar to make a thick, smooth paste.

5. Add a few drops of green food colouring to make the palest green fondant and mix until smooth.

6. Put half a teaspoon of the mix into each cake case, decorate with sprinkles and pop in the fridge for an hour to harden.


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By Claire McDonald,

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