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Do Not Disturb Fantasy Travel Apps

There are some great travel-related apps around, from Google maps, which
helps you find out where you are right now, to Skyscanner a mobile comparison site for
flights. But there’s always room for innovation. We’ve dreamed up a few new apps that
could change your life….

Translate Live
Wherever you are, launch the app, call the person at reception/airline desk/bus station
ticket window (even though you’re standing 2ft away), and start talking. The conversation
is automatically translated into both languages needed. This will lead to more
communication, a better world and less mime. Everybody wins.

An add-on to Google maps, where you simply click on a location and you’re there
instantaneously. The downside is that it makes the entire travel industry redundant, but the
ability to surprise people (usually at moments when they really, really don’t want to be
surprised), surely makes it all worthwhile.

Streetview Now
A live version of Streetview, which lets you look all over the world in real time. Check the
traffic on any street, the weather in any city or simply go window-shopping half a world
away. Obviously the potential for this technology to be abused by all kinds of snoopers,
burglars and weirdos is huge. But it would still be great fun…

This app creates holiday pictures and videos of you enjoying yourself and/or being brave
and adventurous in a variety of locations, without the bother of having to go there. Simply
click ‘Alpine’, ‘South Sea Island’, ‘Ancient Rome’, ‘Amazon kayak’ or a host of others (inapp purchases apply) and impress your friends.

Siri is all very well but, let’s face it, what does it really do? The Passepartout app not only
gives you advice and tells you where the nearest loo is, but also allows the phone to sprout
a small but incredibly powerful balloon that will, on low setting, carry your bags and on
high setting provide enough lift to transport you too, at a maximum altitude of 50 feet and
up to 30mph.

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