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What you could expect as a new member

Hoteliers often wonder how long they might have to wait before seeing the results of joining Best Western, and the answer is – they don’t! We want you to see that you’ll reap the benefits of joining our global brand right from day one, so we asked one of our newest members to give us a little insight.

Emma Dalton, General Manager of the BEST WESTERN PLUS Maldron Hotel in Cardiff answered a few of our questions to give you an idea of what you could expect as a new member:

When did you become a member of Best Western?
We joined Best Western on Wednesday, 1st February 2012

What impact have you noticed since your first day of membership?
The key change we have seen is our exposure to the corporate market, with a stronger presence on GDS (Best Western’s Global Distribution System) and an immediate relationship with key consortia agents. In the first 21 days of business we have seen the greatest share of business through GDS channels… Conference enquiries have also been encouraging. Our regular customers are pleased to see the additional benefits of the Best Western brand with the Rewards programme. Being a member of Best Western allows us to compete with more established hotel groups within Cardiff for key corporate business.

…Our key objective at the moment is getting to know the Best Western team. Best Western provides so many resources and it is vital to get the most out of this to grow our business. The Best Western team are a very motivated, focused group of people and they have brought a new found energy to our team!

What was the main reason you chose to become a member of Best Western?
Best Western membership opens doors to channels where we previously did not have access. It provides a great support team in directing and supporting us to grow our business. It allows us access to advice and expertise about how to improve our business.

If you could give prospective hotels just one reason to join, what would it be?
It provides you with access to a large team of experts who can help you drive your business forward. As an independent hotel it is near impossible to get this level of support and direction. With so many challenges as a standalone hotel, Best Western provides endless opportunities in the business and leisure market.

What other benefits of membership are you looking forward to over the longer term?
The network of over 270 Best Western members!

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