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Free Internet Access

We have been offering free internet access to all of our guests in all of our hotels for 18 months now and are proud to be the first mid market hotel group to do so. After all we do not ask you to pay extra for the pillows or the towels do we? So why should you pay for the internet? Exactly!

We felt so strongly about this that we asked all other hotel groups to do the same to save the nations travellers millions of pounds every year. And, guess what, it appears to be working after the Sunday Times joined our crusade!

If you want to join the campaign to make internet free everywhere, then join us at


  1. I agree, sadly you won’t get hotels in the Marriot chain to agree as they are part owned by IBHAN one of the main in-hotel access providers

  2. The option of free broadband is one of the many reasons I choose Best Western Hotels.

  3. I do get annoyed that some hotel groups still charge with all the free hwi-fi that is available around them in coffe shops etc.

  4. Just like Best Western all hotels should offer free access. Here are some who charge to name and shame: Accor and Intercontintal.

  5. Bring it on!!!!

  6. It is ridiculous in the modern society with the increasing role of the inrternet along with the low cost for broadband for hotels to charge exorbitant ammount for accessing it

  7. Its great to get free internet access and I now look to book hotels that offer the service.

  8. Needs to be free but it needs to be fast also, most of us now using VPN or RDP connections, so fast is best!!!

  9. Surely this is a bare necessisity.

  10. I support the free internet in hotels campaign

  11. £10 or 15 a night for internet is a disgrace. My own internet at only only costs £7.50…A month!!!

  12. I stay at Best Western Hotels whenever possible. I have to work in the evenings. Having free internet access makes that time more pleasant knowing I do not have to keep looking at the time.

  13. Yes of course it should be free. Most of us only want to check our emails or some other small task that takes no more than 20-30 minutes so it is totally unreasonable to expect guests to pay a fee.

  14. Free internet – yes please as it would save me a fortune!

  15. yes, but they do other things better, like not take all your points away if you do not stay for 12 months. Some like Hilton, it is 3 years and others like priority club it is indefinate.

    So where is the petition to get Gold Crown Points to have no time limit?

  16. Thank you for your comment. The Best Western Rewards scheme allows guests to collect points for staying in Best Western hotels worldwide. Members of our British scheme can also collect points through the site through shopping at retailers such as Debenhams, M&S and Argos.

    In Great Britain these points do expire after 12 months without a points earning transaction. When guests sign up to the scheme we are open and honest about the expiry and remind them of their points expiry date through emails and direct mail 3 months before the date.

    We appreciate not everyone can make a hotel stay to retain their points, so ‘Shop for Rewards’ gives the opportunity to purchase everyday items to keep (and gain more) points.

  17. I really feel ALL good quality hotels should offer free internet access – particularly if you are a member of their club – sadly not many do and the charges are apalling!

  18. having free internet at hotels makes it a true home from home as internet is a way to keep in touch with family and friends while youre away

  19. Things are rarely truly free. Surly in this case, “free” means “inclusive” as it is meant to be free for customers to use in the same way the electricity for the lights, the heating and the water for the toilet and shower are all included within the room rates. “Free Internet” seems the wrong expession to use I think. It is a real cost for the hotels and has to be paid for somehow.

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