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Baubles go missing from Ho Ho Hotels

In our recent annual stock survey we found that a number of unusual items have gone walkabout this year. Yes, it appears that a select few of our guests have taken more than a little liking to some of our personality packed ornaments, features, bedrooms and much more. In fact, the more unusual the better it seems!

Among the booty ferreted away from Best Western hotels is a Christmas tree, a suit of armour, a two piece leather suite, a 12ft long model of the supersonic jet Concorde, and a cigarette machine. Even plants in the hotel gardens aren’t safe, with cuttings being taken, whole plants dug up and even bark chippings from flower beds going home with guests.

One guest even managed to clear out an entire hotel room – taking absolutely everything inside, except the bed. Their ill-gotten haul included a bedspread and matching curtains, a plasma TV set, a hairdryer, kettle, cups and saucers.

However, when you add festive spirit into the mix it appears there is just one thing topping the poll of the most popular item taken – baubles! In fact we estimate that if we added up all the baubles that went missing in hotels across Great Britain it would cost £1billion.

The review also found the top most frequently taken items 

  • Toiletries
  • Toilet rolls
  • Teaspoons
  • Towels
  • Bathrobes
  • Batteries from remote controls

On the whole we do not mind toiletries going home with our guests, we have even added ‘so good you’ll want to steal two’ on our soap. By far the large majority of our guests are the epitome of honesty, but, just occasionally we get a rogue who takes more than the odd soap or shampoo home with them.

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  1. No ways, even taking the baubles! Why not just take the whole tree, lights and all:) I’m sure you guys have all sorts of stuff going missing – I’m sure it’d make a good book!

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