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We Hopefully Turned Those January Frowns Upside Down with our 12-hour Prize Giveaway!

After the highs of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, January, to most of us, is usually a dreary month of gloom, when seeing friends, family and indulging in tasty nosh and wine, makes way for resolutions, losing weight and returning to work.

To help our lovely fans get through another joyless Jan, we decided to host a fairly generous (if we do say so ourselves) competition to help brighten their spirits.

On the 1 February, we hosted a mass prize giveaway on our Best Western GB Facebook page. We hoped it would be something for our fans to look forward to during dreary January.

There were a whopping 24 prizes in total so we decided to ask a question every 30 minutes over a 12-hour period. This marathon competition started at 8:00 a.m. after which, entrants were given 15 mins to respond to each question via app, comment or email.

Our questions were a complete mixed bag, ranging from film knowledge, to food and drink, from wine tasting to Best Western-related questions. We selected a winner at random for each question. These lucky guys each ended up with a 2-night break at a range of Best Western hotels in Great Britain (a different one for each winner obviously).

The response we got was awesome, so we just wanted to thank everyone who took part! Our team monitoring Facebook that day was certainly kept on its toes and enjoyed a lot of laughs.

Check out our Facebook page to see the questions, answers and responses (with such a high engagement rate, this may take a bit of scrolling).

Commiserations to anyone who didn’t win! But have no fear! The competition was such a success and we enjoyed organising and running it so much we will, without a doubt, be repeating the operation in months to come!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page!


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