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Unusual hotel requests

We have been doing our research on the types of room service requests our hotels receive, which has uncovered some very unusual findings. Here are the top 10 strangest requests we’ve had, that brought a little smile to our faces!

• A ghost to be sent up to the room at night

• A meeting room for four people…with a bed in it

• A place at breakfast for a statue

• A large bedroom to store an expensive motor bike

• A sea view bedroom (OK, this is isn’t that strange, until you find out it was in Birmingham!)

• A hotel worker was asked to attend a bedroom in order to comb a guest’s hair!

• One guest wanted a sea salt scrub to remove her fake tan that had gone wrong, and someone to scrub it off for her!

• A second TV for a couple who were arguing over what to watch.

• A place at the Christmas party for a pet hamster

• Some ferrets to take to a small animal show.

Can you guess which we requests we were able to accommodate?


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