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The story of Guy

At Best Western GB we were discussing the story of Guy Fawkes, and how we could tell it in a new way. One of our web team wrote this great poem, so good in fact we thought it needed sharing!


Once upon a time there was a man named Guy
An unusual name in England at the time
Famous for his part in a plot gone awry
His life was forfeit to atone for his crime

One of Thirteen men who contrived to rebel
To bring a Catholic monarch back to the realm
Through an act of treason they hoped to compel
Powerful supporters to retake the helm

But a letter was sent divulging the scheme
Only Guy was discovered, not the thirteen
Tortured he confessed he was part of a team
And they planned to make Elizabeth Queen

The powder was for parliamentary use
To blow up the houses and begin a coup
By sparking a war with no option of truce
To rouse fury and watch as the violence grew

The sentence was death so the public would learn
But the message was needed for a longer term
So each year fires are made with Guys to burn
So the futility of treason can be reaffirmed

By Danielle Wardman – Web Development Executive at Best Western GB



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  1. Great to see there is poetic spirit amongst the web development team.

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