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Winning – Summer Bestseller Competition Story

I watch her from my bedroom window, the woman I love more than anything else in the world, and I feel my heart breaking. I am losing her. I feel it, I know it. Tears prick my eyes as I watch her with him, laughing loudly in the mid-morning sun. She does not know I see her, but my eyes are keen and I miss nothing: The tender looks, the gentle touches, the affection that lightens her face when he looks at her.

Jealousy rips through me like a knife through butter. It won’t be long before she tells me that there’s no room in her life for me anymore, that I will have to leave.
The clouds move across the sun and she is cast in shadow, but I still hear her soft dulcet tones. She is talking to him. She does not know I hear her every word. She tells him she loves him. My heart sinks and the tears begin to flow unchecked. It is time for me to go.
I have been such a fool. Why did I not see the signs? They were all there: Her recent absence, her sudden weight loss. Of course she still kisses me, holds me, tells me I am her Number 1, but the guilt in her eyes when she goes to him is unmistakable.
I begin to pack. I need to get away; the pain is too great.
She leaves me leaving.
“You love him.,” I say. My voice breaks with emotion.
“I love you both,” she says, hugging me. “But he’s just two weeks old, he needs us to protect him, care for him. You’re four, a big boy now. You can help me.”
From her arms he smiles up at me. He’s not so bad really.

By Emma Clarke – Winner of the Summer Bestseller Competition Story


  1. I loved the twist at the end, because I was imagining this was the husband speaking :-)

  2. Congratulations to Emma Clarke the winner of our Summer Bestseller Competition Story. Emma wins a 2 night stay away at a Best Western Hotel. Enjoy!

  3. Just brilliant. What a lovely story. Well done Emma.

  4. What a lovely story! I thought there might be a twist, but I thought it might be the woman’s dad watching her boyfriend. This surprised me. Definitely a feel good tale :)
    Well done for winning!

  5. That’s fantastic news – I’m delighted! Thank so much!! I look forward to hearing from you xx

  6. Congratulations to my wonderful daugthter, this is the first time I have read this, it bought a tear to my eye.

  7. Great story Emma. Well Done!

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