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One New Thing

Comedy legend Karl Pilkington has recently been flown across the world by Sky 1 in the pursuit of the meaning of life. The often bizarre show “The Moaning of Life” sees Ricky Gervais’ protégée explore some of this world’s more meaningful experiences. He witnesses first-hand the importance we place on weddings, births, religion and tradition. However, on his return, a national radio station heard Karl reveal what he thinks is the meaning of life. In his typically hilarious manner, Karl said that for him, life was about creating as many good memories as possible.

This got me thinking.

In eight months time I turn 30-years-old. It’s one of those milestone ages isn’t it? And as I approach this milestone, I am reminded of what I’ve experienced so far in these last three decades as well as those things I’ve not yet done.

But before I contemplated a pre-30 bucket list, I thought it was probably best to ask myself why I wanted to experience new things in the first place. Was this just a case of ticking boxes so I had stories to share over lunch – or did I genuinely want to enrich my taste of the human experience?

I was confident it was the latter.

So what was the one thing that I wanted to experience in the next eight months and why?

Simply this. I wanted to make my own sloe gin and share it with someone who deserves a break. It’s not an epic achievement I know, but it’s a start. So last week I picked sloe berries for the first time in my life. They’re currently residing in a large vase of gin with sugar. I’m on my way to making something new.

So let me ask you, what new thing would you like to experience and why?

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  1. I would love to see the northern lights whist cruising along in luxury

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