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Best Western Take Part in the Mad Blog Awards!

It is the fourth year of the MAD Blog awards, a wonderful few months of campaigns, celebrations, trips and competitions in  the exciting world of parent blogging (M.A.D. being an acronym of ‘mummy and daddy’). It is designed to reward those bloggers who have provided others with entertainment, inspiration, guidance and/or information!

Since its conception, the competition has been organised and run by Flea Enterprises Ltd, a friendly and experienced organisation that manages and runs several of the United Kingdom’s largest blogging communities, including Tots100 and Foodies100… yummy!

This year, Best Western is getting involved. We want to be a part of this wonderful online community and to help the competition run efficiently and smoothly and reach the largest audience possible.

We are contributing several prizes and incentives, including luxury stays around the country as well as many other bits and bobs. We are also helping to promote the awards, so keep your eyes on our blog to hear of any news and see some our favourite blog posts…

So, how does the competition work?

Members of the public (often regular readers, friends or family members), nominate their favourite blogs (obviously of ‘the mummy/daddy variety) to be entered into the competition. A particularly ambitious blogger can even put forward their own…

There are 15 categories including: ‘Best Craft Blog,’ ‘Most Innovative Blog,’ ‘Best Food Blog,’ and our particular favourite (of course), ‘Best Family Travel Blog. Have a look at the other categories and the blogs nominated in each…

On that page, there is also the option to vote for your favourites. Why not have a read through the nominated blogs as there are a number of engaging and fun sites out there, all wonderful and inspiring in their own different ways. You are allowed to vote once in each category, so make sure you choose wisely.

Best Western and the MAD Blog Awards 

We are sponsoring this competition because in our eyes the mummy and daddy blogging community is truly inspiring and always fun. These awards are a great way of bringing the community closer together and showing them our appreciation for their efforts.

We are hugely looking forward to working with everyone and please show your support by dropping by here as well as voting and commenting on the MAD blogs Facebook page. Get involved bloggers!

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